We create high-quality products that attract customers' attention with their design, winning their hearts with their contents. The reason why we are so sure of this is that we have been shipping out retail orders across Russia, and even abroad, for several years now. Our products are valued for their:
Siberian taiga raw materials
gold standard of natural purity and health-promoting properties
Manual labor
carefully preserves the raw materials in their best natural form and quality
Scenic decoration
is sure to wow anyone
In-house production
allows us to control the entire production cycle from the taiga to the finished product warehouse
Zero preservatives
we use traditional technologies that do not require them
Unique products
wild berry jam or berries in natural juice; these products are handmade to ensure their highest quality, which is unique for our market
Quality assurance documents
the quality of our products is assured by the relevant documents
Approved by the Yenisei Standards
Association of Agricultural Producers, Processors and Trade of the Krasnoyarsk Territory
If you also share these values, and are the owner or representative of retail outlets, networks, online stores, or any other formats of trade in natural, ecological products, we invite you to work with us to improve the quality of the product range. If you are ready to present our products to the people around you, we will offer you favorable conditions (for partners in Russia, we have an individual approach to foreign buyers):
the minimum cost of each order is 5 000 rubles;
favorable pricing that will allow you to get a good profit;
no intermediaries – we deliver our products directly to our customers;
we employ the order-per-item system, as we handle our own logistics;
we readily accept returns (although we are proud to have had none ever since we set shop!), although our products sell well;
special terms and conditions – our in-house production means we can package products under your trademark or any other requirements;
an important advantage is that we manufacture products to order, meaning you get them in their freshest form and for their maximum shelf life;
a wide range of products that we are constantly working to expand, allowing you to order several types of product from us at once;
regular promotions and discounts of up to 50%, giving you that extra profit.
We offer the following partnership scheme:
100% prepayment;
product delivery using any mode that is convenient for you within 2-4 days;
with every delivery, we provide promotional materials for free;
for every order over 10 000 rubles we also send products for tasting to choose from;
we will provide you with all information about products for sellers;
we will provide you with high-quality photos of the products;
we will refer to you as our representatives in your city.
We truly hope that you will become one of our partners who will help us promote the values that our treasured product carries. To start this exciting journey with us, we invite you to get acquainted with our wholesale price list, which you will receive after filling out the form below. Should you have additional questions, kindly let us know by calling us on + 7 953 585 2507.
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