Berries in its own juice.

A unique product containing only one ingredient – the Siberian taiga berry.
An increasing number of people are now abandoning sugar or at least reducing its intake to a minimum. Berries in its own juice is an excellent gift for those who are particular about their health, as this product contains absolutely zero sugar!
A full jar of wild berries perfectly preserved almost in their original form, this taiga storehouse bestows exceptionally pure benefits. Our priority is to preserve the contents of our product as perfectly as possible, which makes a jar of this delicacy a product of aerobatic-type manoeuvres that required meticulous manual input. The result are berries in their almost original form that can be stored for a long time in practically any conditions.
Opening such a jar, you get to treat yourself to the rich taste and fragrant aroma of wild berries at any time of the year anywhere in the world!