About us

We were born and raised in the Pirovsky District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Local folk there have always lived in close contact with the rich taiga. For us, the taiga is our main source of food, way of life, culture and... inspiration. From early spring to late autumn, it is customary to extract the gifts of nature and use them for nourishment throughout the following year. This way of life has shaped us. It is thanks to these gifts that we have always had an abundance of food rivalling Michelin-star restaurants.

Our company was founded to fulfill two of our most sincere desires:
  • to provide security to the way of life of the Siberian countryside and make its unique culture be appreciated by as many people as possible;

  • to make the unique characteristics of the Siberian taiga treasures become somewhat more accessible to everyone, thereby setting product quality standards, many of which have dropped significantly in the modern world.
The mutual influence of these desires inspired us to traverse a difficult path, from retail sales of pine nuts and taiga berries at city markets to the production of a whole line of products from different types of wild-growing raw materials. Each jar of our varenye (popular whole-fruit preserve similar to jam) or any other product is an elegant embodiment of those very desires. Our products express eloquently the meanings that we place into our activities, as well as inspire us onto further development.

Our company's founding was not planned or calculated in advance. It was not a business plan to fill a niche in the market. Rather, this was a progressive development from what we know, what we love, what we live for, and what our consumers appreciate and want to achieve. We are proud to have traveled this path together with you, and wish to develop further in a similar way.

We do not set ourselves plans to conquer markets, because we are still led by you, our consumers. We only appear where we are needed. And our desire turned into a goal:
to introduce the Siberian culture and natural treasures, from the point of gastronomical experience, to as many people as possible regardless of their location, nationality or other factors.
Our products have their own unique connoisseur who understands the language we use to convey our values in our products. There are many reasons for which we are appreciated, including that:
we produce products exclusively from local wild raw-growing materials, with both criteria being essential, as the fruits of the Siberian taiga come with exceptional purity and possess health-promoting properties;
we employ manual labour exclusively at all stages of production, which is the only way to ensure the highest, "homemade" quality that is crucial for some products;
we apply the finest and most meticulous technologies for better preservation of beneficial properties without the use of preservatives;
we make our products using our age-old and well-tested traditional home recipes;
our own production facilities allow to fully control the process – from the harvesting of raw materials to the packaging of finished products;
our products come in a truly unique design that is sure to wow anyone.
The quality of our products is assured and monitored not only by the relevant documentation and authorities (including the Yenisei Standards Association), but also by our highest authority – our conscience. We dedicate our heart and soul into our work, and cannot treat it any differently, as we live by it.

We are forging ahead towards our main goal to introduce the culture and the treasures of Siberia to as many people as possible and in every possible way. We organise the sales of our products in the following areas.
We have always supplied our products to consumers directly from the very beginning. This allows us to receive the fastest feedback and factor in all our customers' wishes. Our online store allows users to place an order to be delivered anywhere in the world.
Our wholesale partners help us delight a wide range of customers with our products, and in exchange, we offer them favorable business terms. We list them on this page.
Knowing well that Vse svoe products bring even more pleasure as gifts than when using them, we are developing the gift line separately. This allows you to order any number of taiga set units from 1 piece in any design. We offer a wide variety of packaging options for both retail and corporate customers. And we will put it together competently, as we have gained a wealth of experience in the development of custom design and packaging.
We are glad to meet everyone who is interested in our products, as your liking them means that we speak the same language, a language in which we hope to share with you a little more about Siberia. Enjoying every taste of our products is indeed quite a pleasant and rewarding experience, but it may even be more gratifying to give them as gifts!
You can easily place your order on our website. And if you wish to broadcast our treasures to your audience and are ready to partner with us, we will make you a great offer!

Siberian greetings from the Vse Svoe company!